What we do


Whether you need insight generation or consultancy, Insight Angels are equipped to support you in many more ways than a traditional research agency.

Senior client and agency pedigree 

We're insight professionals with a difference in both pedigree and philosophy: bringing together senior client-side experience with senior agency experience to deliver something unique.


The best insight programmes and the best embedding expertise 

We come into our own delivering strategic market research studies of all kinds, but in many cases the partnership extends further: helping clients leverage existing knowledge or supplementing their insight management capacity.

Partnership over technique

Our passion is not for whizzy techniques, but for the impact insight can have on your organisation. We’re not wedded to particular approaches and will happily manage or work alongside other agencies if that’s what’s called for. We work in a transparent way, on a project or day-rate basis.


Business activists

We transform insight into great decisions via workshopping, change management, commercial valuation, beautifully distilled multi-media deliverables, training and more.